EMG Pickups

by root on December 11, 2012

For decades past passive pickups have dominated the guitar world. From blues to jazz to metal to funk, traditional passive pickups have been the standard issue, but a world of tonal opportunities await with EMG Active Electronics and Pickups. The Full Range provided by EMG Custom Pickups can be heard on such classic recordings by  Dave Gilmore, Kirk Hammett, Zakk Wylde, Les Claypool, Stu Hamm, Josh Paul Jones and many more! Humbuckers, single coils, P-90’s, Bass Pickups and a slew of customizable preamp options, makes EMG the brand of choice for the select musician.

Not only do they offer excellent replacement alternatives for such classic pickups designs, such as P-90 Alnicos, Gibson’s 60’s Humbuckers and Fender Start Single Coils but EMG have been pioneers in the creation of seven-string and even eight-string guitars. The EMG 707 series, and newer 808 series, offer not only low-end response for 7&8 string axes but allow a whole range of never before tapped frequencies to be indulged in. With the X and TWX series combine them with an extended Series preamp system, such as The EMG After Burner or EXG Guitar Expander and dimensions of tone never dreamed of become reality.

There is also a full assortment of Bass Pickups; P Bass, Jazz Bass, Humbuckers, Musicman Style Pickups as well as preamps for your 4,5 or 6 String low end thump machine. Dial in crystal crisp highs and earth shattering lows with EMG BQS and BQS Preamp Systems and Controls. 3 Band EQ’s with Mid Range Frequency Sweep are available on separate and stacked pots. Beef up your arsenal of bass player might with the EMG 35P4 or 35J Pickups. They will add unprecedented tonal landscapes to any P or J Bass, with minimal installation. That is because all EMG Systems and Pickups are solder-free! No soldering, no messy dripping lead and no red-hot soldering gun to burn yourself with. All you need is a screwdriver and you’re set, EMG Pickups are solder-free, plug & play installation out-of-the-box

So order yours today and discover the realm of possibilities with EMG Pickups!


Akai MPC Renaissance

by root on December 6, 2012

From the bedroom producer to the beat-making savant, from the funk masters of yester-years to the pop minimalists of today, ease and quality of recording have always been the paramount. In recent years that has gone from being a possibility to the status quo, and no one has accomplished it more effectively than Akai with the MPC Renaissance. Recording industry innovations have made high-fidelity recording not only less expensive, but more accessible, while never sacrificing the slightest iota of quality.

Now, with the brand new AKAI MPC Renaissance Music Production Center, the power of a professional studio fits easily onto any desk or table. Compact, light-weight, sturdy construction, the Renaissance lives up to not only the name but the long line of MPC products from AKAI. The MPC Renaissance not only delivers but exceeds expectations.

From one’s first encounter with the classic layout of the controls, the renaissance is so easy to operate its disarming. 16 backlit programmable touchpads, 64-track sequencing capability, multiple MIDI, XLR and USB in/out all comprised in a minimized footprint which will fit in any studio, make the Renaissance the ideal artist’s production choice.

Whether your adding the MPC Renaissance to your pro-studio setup or just seasoning your arsenal of gear, the Renaissance is an absolute must for any serious musician looking to record. For on the go, in the home or in the studio the AKAI MPC Renaissance is a must.


Introducing Canon’s pigment-ink professional printing wonder – Canon Pixma Pro9000 Mark II Inkjet Photo Printer

July 23, 2012

Digital cameras relegated their film predecessors to the fringes of the industry.   The new tiers digital created within the photography world enabled cameras to be affordable and available to everyone.  Printers have followed in the same suit with the emergence of inkjet printers.  Inkjet printers are beloved by consumers because of the variety of sizes, [...]

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Coby tablets as an affordable alternative to the iPad

March 29, 2012

Coby tablets are not in the same league as an iPad, but they are quite impressive for the money. If you have done much shopping in the tablet arena, you know the general story: If you want the best quality tablet, just buy an iPad and be done with it. At least, that has been [...]

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Discover Unique Cuisinart Products This Week and Save 15%

March 26, 2012

There are many great kitchen appliances that you can purchase from Cuisinart. Of course, Cuisinart makes food processors and blenders, but you also can buy all sorts of other kitchen appliances from the company that will make your time in the kitchen much easier. For example, you can have great tea brewed with the Cuisinart [...]

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Effective Fluvial Canister Filters for Your Fish Tank

March 21, 2012

The Hagen Fluval 206 Canister Filter does a very solid job of cleaning and filtering a fish tank up to 200 liters. Anyone who has a fish tank at home knows the critical importance of good filtration and aeration in the tank. This helps to keep the tank clean with a proper level of oxygen. [...]

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Indoor grills vs outdoor grills

March 16, 2012

An indoor grill is a good compromise to get some grilled flavor when the weather is not good, but it won’t beat a real outdoor grill. Everyone loves to have food done on the grill. It has a fresh, natural flavor that you cannot beat, and it is healthy, too. Unfortunately, most of us cannot [...]

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What type of case is best for your mobile phone?

March 14, 2012

You can select a cell phone case that is both protective and attractive. Many of us love to buy the newest and fanciest cell phone. There is no question that these great devices can be very tempting. But it does not make much sense to spend a great deal of money on an expensive phone [...]

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What type of alarm clock best suits your daily routine.

March 7, 2012

What type of alarm clock would you need to suit your routine. Discussing the options and features of different types and styles of alarm clocks to fit an individual’s daily living and working schedules. Why you would need a good Alarm Clock To most people the sound of an alarm clock is the first sound [...]

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Must haves for your home office

March 6, 2012

If you have a home office, there are a few things that you really should have to make it the best possible workspace for you. First, it is very important that you have a paper shredder. There are about 9 million Americans who have their IDs stolen each year. If you work at home, you [...]

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